Introducing Yellow Treat®²

Kill Algae Without Killing Chlorine Residuals

NewYellow Treat®² is more powerful and stabilizes chlorine readings - meaning no more follow up shocking!

The secret behind Yellow Treat®² is ChlorineBoost™ – the patented mix of ingredients that accelerates and stabilizes chlorine with no cyanuric acid.

Kill Mustard Algae…


Without making a second trip

Kill mustard algae in a single service call. A stable chlorine reading after treatment means you don’t have to make a second trip to the pool.


While Saving BIG $$$ on shock

Save big bucks on chlorine by using only a single shock treatment. That means less money spent on chasing a chlorine reading and more in your pocket.


And wowing with results in 24 hours

Wow your customers with fast results. Give your customers a clean pool in 24 hours or less.

Get a Free Sample!

Try Yellow Treat®² and get notified when your branch is stocking it!

Yellow Treat 2
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